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Orchids Bending in the Wind

Photo: Elizabeth Mann

Orchids Bending in the Wind



Chinese, ? - after 1349

The beauty of this painting lies in the fact that the monk painter Xuechuang has vividly represented the subtle movement of the leaves under breeze. Without showing details of the upper side and underside of the leaves, he shows the twist and turn of the leaves by varying the pressure of the brush. Moreover, the leftward motion, which was often a challenge for many right-handed artists, did not pose any problems for Xuechuang, further showcasing his skills.
Ink on silk
Overall: 66 1/4 x 22 15/16in. (168.3 x 58.2cm)
Image: 30 3/8 x 17 15/16in. (77.2 x 45.5cm)
Eugene Fuller Memorial Collection
Provenance: Tomioka Tessai (1835-1924), Kyoto, Japan; Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. Tokyo
Photo: Elizabeth Mann
Not currently on view


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