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Hagar and the Angel

Photo: Paul Macapia

Hagar and the Angel

shortly after 1630

Bernardo Strozzi

Italian, 1581-1644

In a story told in the Book of Genesis, a servant girl named Hagar became pregnant by Abraham, and fled to the wilderness after a quarrel with Abraham's wife Sarah. In her desolation, she was surprised by the appearance of an angel, who encouraged her to return to her mistress and revealed that her son would be a great leader.

The Genovese artist Strozzi creates a metaphorical wilderness out of nothing but darkness, into which the arrival of the angel sheds bright light.

Oil on canvas
48 7/8 x 37 in. (124.14 x 93.98 cm)
Samuel H. Kress Collection
Provenance: Art Market, Rome, by 1914; Eugen (d. 1922) and Hedwig Hirsch (d. 1941) Platky, Leipzig, by 1915 - still in 1938 [1]; acquired jointly by [Herbert Bier, London] and [Frederick Mont, London then New York], 1941 [2]; purchased outright from Bier by [Frederick Mont], October 1941; with [Mont Inc., New York, to 1948]; Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York, March 2, 1948; Seattle Art Museum, since 1952, accessioned 1961 [1] Mentioned as in Platky collection in Eduard Plietzsch, "Gemaeldegalerie: Einige neue Erwerbungen," in Amtliche Berichte aus den Koeniglichen Kunstsammlungen, October 1915, p. 5 [2] Inventory no. 223, Herbert Bier Archives, Wallace Collection, London. Elizabeth Mignon Aber, daughter of Eugen and Hedwig Platky, emigrated to Britain in the 1930s and brought with her a portion of the family art collection, some of which was later sold at auction in London in 1962. Items from the collection remaining in Germany were sold in December 1941 and July 1942; before which this painting was already in the possession of Bier and Mont in London. This picture is not among those listed as missing from the Platky collection on the website.
Photo: Paul Macapia
Not currently on view


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