Poem Scroll with Deer

Photo: Seiji Shirono, National Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo

Poem Scroll with Deer


Tawaraya Sotatsu

Japanese, 1576 - 1643

Hon'ami Koetsu

Japanese, 1558 - 1637

This masterpiece is a collaboration between the accomplished painter Sotatsu and calligrapher Koetsu. Sotatsu’s deer frolic along in a beautifully choreographed dance with  poems from the classic anthology Shin Kokinshu, brushed by Koetsu in the fluid “scattered writing” calligraphy style.

The Seattle Art Museum is fortunate to have the largest contiguous section of the Deer Scroll, measuring over thirty feet and accounting for more than one-third of the complete work. A collaborative effort among current owners of the scroll has made it available as an interactive virtual installation, in its entirety and with complete translations of the poems.
Handscroll; ink, gold and silver on paper
13 7/16 × 366 3/16 in. (34.1 × 930.1 cm)
Overall: 13 1/2 x 410 3/16 in. (34.3 x 1041.9 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Donald E. Frederick
Photo: Seiji Shirono, National Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo
Not currently on view


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