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Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

Moor Swan

Photo: Eduardo Calderon

Moor Swan


Morris Graves

born Fox Valley, Oregon, 1910; died Loleta, California, 2001

Seeing divine creations and seeing degeneracy . . . seem sufficient reasons to use painting as my voice.

Morris Graves, 1937

The moor swan is often seen as one of nature’s dark anomalies. It is mysteriously different from its beautiful white counterpart, its blackness equated with evil and the bird associated with death. Yet a black swan is a divine creation, nonetheless, even if it does not appear to conform to what we believe to be the laws of nature. That a young Graves should take it as the subject of one of his first paintings suggests how deeply he had contemplated the bird, perhaps identifying himself with its outcast status.

Oil on canvas
36 x 34 3/4 in. (91.4 x 88.3 cm)
Gift of West Seattle Art Club, Katherine B. Baker Memorial Purchase Prize, 19th Annual Exhibition of Northwest Artists, Seattle Art Museum, 1933
Provenance: The artist; purchased by Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, 1933
Photo: Eduardo Calderon
Not currently on view


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