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Night Watch

Photo: Spike Mafford / Zocalo Studios. Courtesy of the Friday Foundation

Night Watch


Lee Krasner

American, 1908 - 1984

Krasner became known in the 1940s and 1950s as an exceptional colorist. A dramatic departure from the lyrical color paintings that preceded it, Night Watch is part of her so-called Night Journeys (1959–62). Here, piercing eyes look back at the viewer. At the time, Krasner revisited the 1841 essay “Circles” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which references the eye as the first circle and describes nature as cyclical renewal. Following the death of her husband, Jackson Pollock, in 1956 and her mother in 1959, Krasner devoted years to fierce introspection and reinvention: “Let me say that when I painted a good part of these things, I was going down deep into something which wasn’t easy or pleasant.” The title encapsulates her nightly painting sessions but also references the celebrated 1642 painting by Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn, which depicts a nocturnal gathering of Amsterdam’s civic guard.
Oil on canvas
70 x 99 1/4 in. (177.8 x 252.1 cm)
Gift of the Friday Foundation in honor of Richard E. Lang and Jane Lang Davis
Provenance: The artist; [Howard Wise Gallery, New York]; [Pace Gallery, New York]; [Robert Miller Gallery, New York]; purchased by Jane and Richard E. Lang, Seattle, Washington, 1981; Friday Foundation, Seattle, Washington, 2018; to Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, 2020
Photo: Spike Mafford / Zocalo Studios. Courtesy of the Friday Foundation
Not currently on view


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