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Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

Music–Pink and Blue No. 1

Photo: Paul Macapia

Music–Pink and Blue No. 1


Georgia O'Keeffe

Born Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 1887; died Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1986

In a sense, this particular painting defined what we have come to think about O'Keeffe's art. When it was first exhibited in New York in 1923, critics singled it out as the consummate expression of the artist's "essential feminine being," an interpretation that has stuck to much of O'Keeffe's painting ever since. Yet she detested such a description-phrases that she said made her "shiver and have a queer feeling of being invaded." For her, the work had been a visualization of aural sensations-music, yes, but also nature's sounds and enveloping quietude, which she so enjoyed at Lake George in upstate New York, when she and her lover, Alfred Stieglitz, were away from Manhattan and alone together at his lake house in late summer and early fall.
Oil on canvas
35 x 29 in. (88.9 x 73.7 cm)
Gift of Barney A. Ebsworth
Provenance: The artist, through 1974; sold through Doris Bry, New York, to Barney Ebsworth, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1974
Photo: Paul Macapia
Not currently on view


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