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Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

Bird in Space

Photo: Paul Macapia

Bird in Space


Constantin Brancusi

French, (born in Romania), 1876-1957

Polished bronze, on marble and wood base
Height overall: 115 1/4 in. (292.7 cm)
Partial and promised gift of Jon and Mary Shirley, in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Seattle Art Museum
Provenance: Purchased by Edward Steichen from the artist in France, 1926; gift from Steichen (d. 1973) to Joanna (Taub) Steichen, 1960s; sold by Joanna Steichen to Harold (d. 1982) and Hester Diamond, New York, NY, 1980; sold by Hester Diamond via [Vivian Horan, New York] to Jon and Mary Shirley, Seattle, Washington; partial-and-promised gift from Jon and Mary Shirley to Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, 2000
Photo: Paul Macapia
Not currently on view


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Seattle, Washington, Seattle Art Museum, SAM at 75: Building a Collection for Seattle, May 5 - Sept. 9, 2007.

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